Daihatsu DR and DX Roadster

DX Roadster

We rescue for you two attractive prototypes presented in the Indonesia Motor Show: the Daihatsu DR and DX Roadster. They are about two small convertibles with a modest engine, but with an original design and very seductive aesthetic lines.

We traveled up the exoticism that always gives us the Asian continent offer two attractive prototypes presented these days in Indonesia Motor Show: the new Daihatsu DR and DX Roadster. Not the first time that these two concepts can be noticed in a sample car, since its official premiere was at the Tokyo Motor Show last 2011.

Daihatsu DR

Daihatsu, Japanese car manufacturer belonging to the group Toyota, offers their own interpretation of what could be the future of small roadster. The  incorporate the same chassis and engine like 660 cm3 two-cylinder turbocharged direct injection gasoline. The Daihatsu DR adopts a more elegant and luxurious, while the appearance of the DX is much more radical and aggressive. According to the Japanese firm, some of the areas of the body and the interior of the two prototypes are interchangeable with each other, which could allow enjoy two cars in one.

For now, Daihatsu has not confirmed that will produce one of two DR and DX Roadster. Until this year 2012, Daihatsu has been offering in Japan and in some European countries the charming little Copen, a two-seater convertible with a retractable hardtop. The shelf life of this car is finished, so perfectly DR and DX prototypes could form the basis of Copen substitute.

Pending confirmation of Daihatsu, we just enjoy the charm that we always offer some of the most authentic Japanese cars.

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