The Jaguar SUV coming in 2014

2014 jaguar suv

In 2014 Jaguar presented the first SUV. Does the strategy for the new model? Fill the gap between the Audi Q5 and Q7 and the Range Rover Sport and Evoke. The British firm surprises with a chunky-looking creature wheel drive: the Jaguar SUV. If you thought there were no more holes in the SUV segment and thought ending their chances of growth in so-called mini SUV, you were wrong.

Logic suggests that measures of Jaguar SUV would try to trace the three of the SUVs ‘premium’ most successful: the BMW X5, Mercedes ML, or even the Volkswagen Touareg ( comparative BMW X5, Mercedes ML and Volkswagen Touareg ). But the thinking minds of the English brand will choose to ‘sneak’ this new SUV in the gap, at least from their point of view, among the compact SUVs and the big boys that I quoted in the above lines, i.e, around 4.7 meters in length. Within the luxury models on the market, the only one who also opt for this strategy is the Range Rover Sport, with 4.78 meters. What a coincidence that Jaguar and Land Rover have a relationship so smooth! Right?

Of course, the platform of SUV Jaguar alone will not be developed due to the high costs that would entail. We must look for synergies. To make the project feasible is to go to the following acronym: PLA or Lightweight ‘premium’. This term refers to a new lightweight modular matrix models share several Jaguar.

As for the design of new Jaguar SUV, the manager would, of course, Ian Callum, who counts among his creations with the XK, XF and XJ. Among its main stylistic features is a generously sized hood and a rear drop-style coupe to give dynamism to the whole, adding, of course, a touch of elegance typical of the brand models. In this regard, the XK lines are present on both the front and rear.

The interior will accommodate up to five occupants, but probably there is a choice of two individual seats in the rear seats to satisfy the most demanding customers. Jaguar also consider the possibility of offering a longer version of this model can accommodate a third row of seats.

For the mechanical new model inherits some of the existing mechanical group, as the 2.0 turbo diesel with 240 hp that equips the Evoke and three-liter turbodiesel with power outputs of 211 and 256 hp, which equips the Range Rover Sport. Both engines will be associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission by ZF signed.

In principle, the Jaguar SUV ride-wheel drive system similar to that used by the Range Rover Sport, through the center differential, but also have the opportunity to communicate with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch mounted the Evoke and the Freelander. All depend on the final weight of the whole. In 2014 will kick off this new adventure of Jaguar. Then we will see if he can gain a foothold.

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